The willow varieties we grow

Salix viminalis

A fast-growing willow suitable for use in structural, firewood, river bank, and landscape work.


Varieties grown

 New Stock

1. Viminalis x Triandra x       Viminalis

2. Swedish Osier 

Salix  purpurea

A Strong growing disease-resistant willow for windbreaks and ornamental, craft work, basketry


Varieties grown

1. Eugenii

2. Dark Dicks

3. Green Dicks

4. Harrisons

Salix daphnoides

A colourful purple , vilolet willow

Can add to structures for additional colour.

Varieties grown

1. Purple

2. Deep Purple

3. Violet

Salix fragilis

Varieties grown

1. Flanders Red

Salix triandra

Varieties grown

1. Noire de villaine

Salix nigicans

Varieties grown

1. Black Willow

Salix decipens

1. White Welsh

Salix vitinella

1. Golden Willow

Harvesting    Salix viminalis   willow rods